Company Introduce

In 2016, in the beautiful City of Yangcheng, several enthusiastic young people with dreams came together and started a new exploration of consumer security.

In June 2017, Guangzhou buwei Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established. Since then, we have been working hard with passion to continuously launch high-quality and inexpensive craftsmanship product design for customers.Adhering to the principle of customer experience first, combined with the characteristics of product reliability, safety and ease of use, the new home monitoring program to make its own unique definition, so that the majority of consumers to buy truly like the product.

At present, the first batch of products of the later technology program have been spread all over the country and some parts of the world, and have been well received by consumers, which is the first joy of our team.Now, we strive to build ecological chain system while creating product design.To satisfy our customers, partners, supply chain satisfaction.

Exploring the path of a long and full of passion and challenges, in this way, after for science and technology team of engineers will continue to overcome the difficulties and obstacles, are moving in the right way, into the smart home, for the majority of families to provide a safe, convenient and comfortable services, to create more affordable consumer products to strive for.。