Social recruitment

AI development engineer

technology[Guangzhou Science City]

Job Description
  • 1. Investigate and design the intelligent decision-making application of artificial intelligence (AI) in block chain system
  • 2. Participated in the core code writing with the technical team, organized and solved major technical problems in the project development process
  • 3. Research on artificial intelligence technologies, including machine learning, intelligent decision making and other technologies
  • 4. Enhanced learning experience is preferred;Have done genetic algorithm is preferred.
  • 1. More than 3 years working experience in intelligent decision algorithm;
  • 2. Have a clear and definite understanding of the development direction in the field of artificial intelligence, and have strong technology foresight ability;
  • 3. Familiar with machine learning, pattern recognition, deep learning, natural language processing, intelligent decision making and other knowledge;
  • 4. Good programming ability, familiar with at least two programming languages such as C/C++,Java, MATLAB, Python, etc., able to verify and implement algorithms
  • 5. Familiar with data mining, association analysis and other related data processing technologies;
Salary negotiable

Distributed database development Senior engineer

technology[Guangzhou Science City]

Job Description
  • 1. Responsible for the design, development and optimization of distributed database
  • 2. Docking AI applications to provide system environment support
  • 3. Research and introduction of new technologies
  • 1. Bachelor degree or above, proficient in C programming language
  • 2. Familiar with NETWORK protocols such as TCP/IP, inter-process communication mechanism, and HTTP/HTTPS protocol
  • 3. Good data structure and algorithm foundation, capable of analyzing and solving practical problems
  • 4. Experience in distributed system development, deep understanding of message service, load balancing and high availability mechanism
  • 5. Strong system architecture design ability, able to abstract and simplify complex processes
Salary negotiable

Senior Product Marketing Manager

sale[Guangzhou Science City]

Job Description
  • 1. Analyze industry trends and competitors, gain insight into and dig out users' marketing needs, and output monitoring materials
  • 2. Responsible for the formulation of product marketing strategies.Discover new opportunity points, drive product user growth and activity, and track results with data '
  • 3. Timely feedback the cooperation information, put forward suggestions for the company's products and operations, and optimize the marketing effect
  • At least 3 years experience in mobile product promotion
  • 2. Experience in cross-border marketing planning projects is preferred
  • 3. Good communication skills, stress tolerance and learning ability.Strong sense of responsibility, result-oriented
Salary negotiable

Campus Recruiting

There is no new round of campus recruitment

Audio and video quality intern

Audio and video quality intern


Job Description
  • 1. Assisted in audio and video related testing and calibration, and submitted relevant test reports
  • 1. Bachelor degree or above in computer science
  • 2. Proficiency in Python scripting language is preferred
  • 3. Careful, responsible, passionate and curious

Audio and video development intern

technology[Guangzhou Science City]

Job Description
  • 1. Responsible for the development of audio and video detection technology
  • 2. Cooperate with the development team to track, analyze and solve the problems in time
  • 1. Have professional knowledge of computer, audio and video related working experience
  • 2. Good communication and coordination skills, good language organization and generalization skills
  • 3. Good problem positioning and analysis ability
  • 4. Master at least one programming language
  • 5. Bachelor degree or above